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When a loved one dies, you deserve a copilot

Discover the new way to settle a loved one’s estate. We’ll lead you through the uncharted journey so that you are free to grieve.

What we offer

100’s of tasks and service providers in a single online location

Delegate tasks, file “paperwork”, or talk with your lawyer from your smartphone or laptop.

Discover which tasks we handle
Hand holding a mobile phone.

Gain a clear understanding to make the right decisions

Answers to all your tough questions around estate settlement.

Explore our learning center
Person reading thick books to understand the process.

Why we do it

Two people comforting each other.

We believe you deserve the freedom to grieve

Our service lifts the burden of settling an estate while still prioritizing transparency and control.

Learn about who we are

How it works

We’ll navigate the way, but you call the shots

We’ve mapped out the journey, but it’s important that you and your family have full control to make educated decisions.

Discover which tasks we handle
I’ve found a great company to help with your upcoming estate sale. Would you like to hire them?

Streamline the process

Every entity has a different procedure for a death. We’ll lead the way.

House listed on markert. Checking account bank notified. Utility companies notified

Keep everyone in sync

No more unorganized email chains. Get lawyers, beneficiaries, and creditors the information they need.

We’re reviewing your situation now to see if the estate will need to go to probate court.

Document everything

Our mobile-friendly interface keeps everything organized and accessible to you.

Filed petition for probate. 4 offers on house received. Transferred funds to estate bank.

Get your copilot on board

Let Tusk take on the burden of settling your loved one’s estate