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What to do when someone dies.

When a loved one dies, you are probably overwhelmed with all this information about how to close out someone’s life. You suddenly see all these unfamiliar terms like executor, probate, intestate. You have to figure out funeral arrangements, close bank accounts, contact government agencies like Social Security.

Tusk offers a free step-by-step guide in layman’s terms. We’ll walk you through all the necessary tasks and prioritize them for you to make sure you’ve got everything covered. Our platform is more than just a simple checklist, it points you directly to the relevant forms and contact information based on your needs and location.

It is important to settle an estate correctly and hiring an estate attorney isn’t an option for everyone. Because of this, this tool for free.

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Probate court

Navigate the complex legal process.

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When a loved one dies, you will likely have to go to court to settle their estate. This court process is called Probate and can be confusing to navigate. Often, people hire expensive attorneys to assist them. The average estate costs over $12,000 in legal fees.

Tusk helps you with the probate forms specific to your situation. Whether you choose to take these completed forms to a lawyer or go to court yourself, you stand to save a substantial amount in legal fees.

We know this can be overwhelming. If you have questions feel free to reach out, we are here to help:

Utility & Service accounts

Stop racking up bills for lingering accounts.

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When a loved one dies, they leave behind a cell phone plan, a Netflix account and many others. These need to be shut down or transferred to a spouse to avoid racking up fees and mitigate the potential risk of identity theft. Other accounts such as eBay or Venmo may have balances owed to the deceased.

Tusk will handle processing these accounts for you. Please check back soon or reach out to us at and we will assist you directly.

Digital presence

Eliminate painful reminders by memorializing or deleting social media accounts.

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Tusk helps protect digital accounts by memorializing or deleting them. We also ensure that any monetized accounts are paid out to the estate beneficiaries. Please check back soon or reach out to us at and we will assist you directly.

Credit Bureau

Protect against identity theft by notifying the 3 bureaus.

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Tusk will notify all three credit bureaus so that they can monitor for any fraudulent credit activity. We want to prevent the deceased’s estate from being victimized by identity theft.

Death certificate

No need to apply for or follow-up with government agencies.

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A death certificate is required proof to notify many services (financial or otherwise) of a death. We’ll handle applying for and mailing you certified copies of the death certificates directly. Depending on your state, there may be multi-month wait times for death certificates. Tusk will follow-up with the government agencies for you to ensure your request is carried out.

Social Security

Avoid financial responsibility for payments received after death.

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If a Social Security payment was issued to the deceased post-death, the executor (person responsible for the estate) is required to return that amount. In addition, you may be entitled to payment. Tusk will handle the back and forth correspondence with the Social Security office and facilitate related monetary transactions.